This year we have been lucky enough to earn 3 more grants to conduct the researches to fulfill our aim in an ideal way. Additionally, we are pleased to declare that this year we have published 13 new research papers, one student has completed her PhD studies and 3 students have completed their short term dissertation under our mentorship.

But our most remarkable achievement for this year is the successful development of 3 new laboratories. These new laboratories were developed to extend and enhance the researches conducted at the centre.



Cell culture laboratory

A new cell culture laboratory has been developed to study cell behavior outside human body, to generate disease models and to evaluate the effect of various drugs and chemicals on different cells of the eye.


Imaging facility

This Imaging facility is developed to study the live cell, its movements and processes in real time and to take pictures of various cells, tissues and body.


Cloning laboratory

A new Cloning laboratory has been developed for cloning of various genes in order to understand their functions.
These cloned genes may also be utilized for the gene therapy.

Grants Achieved in 2014
No. Title Agency Year Cost
01 Studies of virulence factors and antifungal susceptibility of fusarium spp.
isolated from fungal keratitis
ICMR 2011-14 20.55
02 Histone regulation and its role in regulating epithelial mesenchymal
WOS-A transition in lens epithelial cells
DST 2011-14 17.16
03 Understanding the pathogenesis of microphthalmia/anophthalmia:
mutation screening in candidate genes of ocular development
ICMR 2012-15 26.26
04 Evaluating prospective outcomes following congenital cataract surgery in
pediatric eyes with microphthalmous
ICMR 2012-15 10.03
05 5-Fluorouracil and lens epithelial cells migration and differentiation ICMR 2012-15 18.21
06 Genetics of childhood cataract: functional candidate gene approach to
study genetics polymorphisms in lens specific genes
ICMR 2013-16 18.61
07 Polarity and metabolism of retina pigment epithelial cells:
Determining the role of kinases and superkinases involved
GSBTM 2014-17 19.8
Papers Published

Book Chapters: 30, PubMed listed papers: 95

Average impact factor: 2.25 (36.427 – 0.79), Total Citations: 5786