All the services at REH are supported by a talented team of anesthesiologists, who make sure that every surgery is a painless experience forthe patient.

We have been pioneers in the Topical Anaesthesia technique for cataract surgery since 1999,in which no injection is given around the eye and the surgery is totally pain free.Prior to this, we had also pioneered the Peribulbar Technique of local anaesthesia in India, which is a safe and convenient technique for eye surgeries.

The department is headed by Dr. Rasesh Diwan who also served as the President of Gujarat chapter of Indian society of anesthesiology.

He is also the advanced cardiac life support coordinator for the American Heart Association.

We are equipped with latest gadgets, monitors and anaesthesia workstations. In case of any surgery, pain is one of the biggest concerns of the patient and we take all the necessary measures to put the patient’s mind at ease and ensure that it is a painless experience. The approach followed by the department is unique because the anesthesiology team constantly coordinates with the patient right from the pre-surgery stage till post-surgery.

This ensures that all our patients walkout of the operation theatre with a pleasant experience and without any adverse memories.

Infants and neonates are the common age groups taken care at REH. Children need general anaesthesia for surgery as well as for examination and diagnosis as there is greater risk of getting hurt due to random eye moments.

Infants are physically fragile and thus carry high risk during general anaesthesia. Many of them have other birth abnormalities along with the eye diseases, due to which it adds to the
risk involved in general anaesthesia.

REH with it’s team of highly experienced anaesthesiologists, take thorough care during pre-operative evaluation by clinical examinations and investigations to diagnise birth abnormalities. An abnormality in the heart is largly observed amongst children with eye disease. Some of the diseases are heriditary thus REH advices the parents for their diagnosis and management of congenital diseases other than the eye.

Paediatric service at REH extends it’s critical care with experienced neonatologists and paediatricians for infants and children suffering withother complications.

Anesthesiology services is equipped with state-of-the-art “Anaesthesia work station” for safer delivery of anaesthesia. This is an advance technology anaesthesia delivery system with precise monitoring of anaesthetic concentration and high quality paediatric ventilator.

Importantly, it monitors the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the breathing circuit to maintain the physiology of infants and very young children undergoing surgery.

By adopting eco-friendly “low flow anaesthesia technique” in our operation theatre, it is adding up a lot to the environmental benifits.


Every time a patient is suggested a surgery, he/she undergoes a comprehensive diagnosis which includes a thorough examination by a qualified anesthesiologist. Most adult patients undergo their surgeries under local anaesthesia technique. All Cataract surgeries are performed using a topical anaesthesia technique, which eliminates the use of injections around the eye. For glaucoma and retinal surgeries anaesthesia is administered using the peribulbar technique.

Anesthesiology plays a very important role in pediatric surgeries. Here, a general balanced anaesthesia technique using opiate analgesics and muscle relaxants is implemented to give extra control to the surgeon while performing the surgery.

Every patient is reviewed, counseled and educated well in advance, about the anesthesiology procedure to put their mind at ease.


The department is driven by a strong belief that our duty doesn’t end after the surgery, but also extends to post-surgery pain management for the patient. All anesthesiologists are well versed with the modern advancements in the field of anesthesiology.

Dr. Rasesh Diwan

Dr. Rasesh Diwan is the Medical Director & Chief anaesthesiology consultant. He has served as the President of Gujarat chapter of Indian society of anaesthesiology. He is also the advanced cardiac life support coordinator for the American Heart Association.

Dr. Shubhangi M. Shah

Dr. Shubhangi Shah has been working as an ophthalmic anaesthesiologist at the Raghudeep Eye Hospital since January 1996.

Dr. Yogesh Gami

Dr. Yogesh Gami has been working as an ophthalmic anaesthesiologist at Raghudeep Eye Hospital, Ahmedabad since 1998. His special areas of interest are ophthalmic and pediatric anesthesia.

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