Gender Inequality

“Gender Inequality will lead to world war 3!!” On an immediate thought, this idea sounds so preposterous even impossible. Are women so powerful and united, that they can put up a war against the men of the world? Had they been so strong-willed to fight for their right or even protest against the wrong, gender inequality would not have been so important. Then, how can gender inequality lead to war!

When you think of a war, what are the words that come to your mind? Few of them are violence, power, dominate, conquer, rule, control etc. Are these not the same words that are associated with gender inequality?

Gender inequality reflects the intolerant and aggressive temperament of a society. On a larger scale, it reflects the temperament of a country. Nations where the gap in gender equality is wide, show preponderance towards the violent and aggressive patriarchal system. More often than not, these nations resort to force and violence as a solution to any conflict. Conflicts may arise due to economic, social or political reasons. Now which are the countries likely to be a state of conflict – i.e. mainly underdeveloped country? One of the major reasons that emerge is economic instability. Here again, gender inequality plays a major role. Women contribute half the population of a country. Not giving equal opportunities and power to women is a sheer waste of human potential and her to economic progress. Across the world educating and empowering women has proven time and again to be the catalyst for the socio-economic boost. Conversely, societies, where women are repressed, are among the most backward. Poor economic status leads to social upset and political instability along with civil war like situation. When one country is in a state of war, it’s unset radiates to the neighboring countries as well.

These regional civil wars pose a threat to world peace which gets worsened when the developed countries- the superpowers of the world assume the role of “world police” and intervenes. They are violence to combat violence, taking us a step ahead towards world war.

The masculine way of dealing with a problem! This is where women can play a major role in achieving and maintaining peace. There is enough statistical evidence that the involvement of women in peace negotiations resulted in positive and durable agreements. Yet, women constitute less than the presence of the members in peace negotiating committees, even in developed countries. From conflict prevention to conflict resolution and reconciliation, women participation will make a significant difference to create lasting peace, we need women’s voice.

We have a peaceful world around and one family under good beings at home. Despite differences in personality and temperament, family members form and maintain loving and long-lasting relationships. Women, by their strength, compassion and mustering abilities, play on an important role in developing and maintaining these relations. By empowering women, by putting them in major decision-making positions, these capabilities of women can be utilized in developing and maintaining healthy national and international relations. Women would play a major role in keeping world war – 3 at bay.



Dr. Deepa Agrawal has completed her M.S. (Ophthalmology) from M & J Western Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, Ahmedabad. She has been serving as the Glaucoma consultant for the past 1 year.