How to protect your eyes this Diwali

As we know, Diwali is just around the corner. Diwali celebrations mean a lot all over India. It’s a symbol of fun and enjoyment, but sadly, with these celebrations, there are several incidents of eye injury and even loss of eyesight every year. In fact, eyes are the second most affected area after hands & fingers.

Injuries happen due to lack of safety measures. How we protect our eyes is important and everyone should be taught about it. Here are a few tips which can help you protect your eyes during Diwali.

Caution for people who wear contact lenses
Always remove your contact lenses before going out to burst fire crackers. Use a pair of protective eyeglasses instead, which can protect your eyes better as contact lenses can cause irritation to your eyes when exposed to direct heat for a long time.

In case of an eye injury
In case you have an eye injury due to crackers, the first step should be to wash your eyes and face properly. Wash your hands before splashing water on the face. Do not rub or scratch your eyes. If there is bleeding in the eye, use a patch to cover up the wounded area and immediately rush to the nearest hospital.

Injury leading to permanent vision loss
Any kind of injury due to crackers can harm the eye, which can result in permanent vision loss if the condition is severe. So, avoid buying sub-standard or expired firecrackers.

Maintain a safe distance
Maintain an arm’s distance while lighting firecrackers, and distance of at least five meters while watching bursting crackers.

Be cautious

  • Always burst firecrackers in an open space
  • Wear goggles or eye glasses
  • Wash your hands or use sanitizer afterwards.
  • Children should be supervised while playing with crackers

Never take any injury lightly; visit a doctor and get professional help.