Importance/Role of HR (Human Resource Department)

Human Resource (HR) Department plays a very crucial role in any organisation as it deals with the most versatile resource, manpower. Every human being is different; their social background, education, cultural values, the society they live in, everything is different. To bring cohesiveness into these versatile mindsets by training and motivating them to work for a common goal is the utmost role of the HR Department.

Being in the health care industry, we see to it that the staff is empathetic, apart from being qualified with relevant education and experience in dealing with patients. Patient care and safety is the top most priority, being so, every employee is always hospitable to help the patients and their relatives.

Our training process for a new candidate is also given such care and respect, they also get support and co-operation from other staff as well, helping them learn the organisation’s processes easily and effectively. Motivation at work is the key to make the new person comfortable and willing to work with his/her heart into it.

Employer and Employee need to work hand-in-hand towards the growth of any organisation. Our HR Policies are employee friendly as we help them secure their future in form of PF, Gratuity, and Health Insurance. We encourage women empowerment at REH and so far we have around 80% female staff. Their safety also is being taken care of.

At REH, we all work as one big family, employees from diverse background work together towards one goal towards consistent quality and safety-first approach. We are proud to achieve the highest recognition for patient safety and quality of care by “NABH” – National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers.

Thanks to our family members and as HR Manager will always strive to serve the best.