Know Us


Our outpatient department (OPD) is housed in an entirely separate wing with comfortable waiting facilities and an ambience that does not intimidate the patients. It provides extended services right from 9am to 8pm.

Ours is a one stop facility that provides diagnostic and treatment services for cataract, glaucoma, retinal problems, refractive surgery, corneal diseases and all other eye problems.

We also have optical services and pharmacy within the same premises so that the patient does not need to travel for their eye care needs.


  • iTrace Aberrometry:The latest and most advanced non-invasive method for determining imperfections in the visual system
    arising from outer part of the eye and inner parts of the eye.
  • Computerised Phoropter: It allows precise testing of the vision and requirement for glasses.
  • IOL Master (Optical biometry): This accurate and non-invasive technique allows measurements of the ocular dimensions and
    helps in determining the power of the intraocular lens to be implanted.
  • Oculyzer (Scheimpflug imaging): It maps out the thickness and curvature of the cornea in the front and back layer and is
    extremely useful in refractive surgery (removal of glasses) as well as cataracts and corneal problems.
  • Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography (Visante): It facilitates layer by layer scanning of the cornea, the iris and the front parts of the eye with an unmatched resolution to pick up the minutest of problems.
  • Posterior Segment Optical Coherence tomography (Cirrhus HD 5000): This state-of-the-art technology gives very high
    resolution scans of the different layers of the retina and helps in diagnosis of conditions that maybe dificult to diagnose
    clinically, as well as in planning treatment and monitoring.
  • Visual Field Analyzer (Perimetry): It is invaluable for glaucoma patients and those with optic nerve diseases.
  • Ultrasound Biomicroscopy (UBM): It allows to peek into the structures of the eye that are not visible to the clinician.
  • GDx VCC: It helps in scanning of the bres in the nerve of the eye and assessing damage in glaucoma. It also helps pick up the disease at an early stage when vision loss can be prevented.


REH boasts of state of the art operating rooms. We follow very strict quality control criteria as recommended by the ISO 9001:2008 and the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), USA. The operating theatres are temperature, pressure, humidity and carbon dioxide controlled and monitored using sophisticated sensors. We take all precautions and follow all guidelines to avoid any adverse events during or after the surgery. Our team of skilled operating theater personnel is competent to deal with the most complicated eyes and patients.


  • Femtosecond Laser (Lensx®) system for cataract surgery : first hospital in Gujarat to have this technology.
  • Centurion Vision System for phacoemulsification
  • Zeiss Lumera operating microscope
  • Constellation Vitrectomy system


REH has a team of experienced and competent anesthesiologists available before, during and after the surgery. We are equipped with a complete and very modern setup for general anesthesia and patient resuscitation. We have a special expertise in surgery in young children who are as young as few days old.