Is winter friendly for your eyes ?

We often think to wear sunglasses or protect eyes in summer compared to other seasons. You may not be aware that our eyes get pretentious equally in winter also. Whether you are in the office or home it is very important to take care of your eyes. Thinking about why this happens? Here is the answer.

Winter affects the skin as well eyes. The reason being is the wind which causes dryness in the body and the eyes. Usually, we take care of our skin with the help of creams and moisturizers but often we ignore to take care of our eyes. This can cause irritation, itching, burning, watery eye and discomfort in our eyes.

This winter you need to know a few tips to reduce dryness in your eyes.

Wear sunglasses for protection:

In winter, eyes get affected due to Ultra violate rays. It is a common notion that UV light level rises only in summer. Here we need to understand that excess UV exposure also leads to early ageing of the eye. When you wear UV protecting sunglasses it also protects you from direct contact with dry and cold air on the eyes. Persons driving 2 wheelers should wear a helmet with the screen or glasses with side cover for extra protection.

cleanliness of eyes to avoid Viral Keratitis:

This is a condition when one has inflammation on the cornea and due to that pain and discomfort occurs. This is more prevalent in winters. To avoid or prevent Keratitis one should not touch eyes frequently or with unwashed hands. If anyone is using contact lens, then clean it with a good lens solution regularly.

Eye Moisturizing:

You need to protect the eye from the cold wind. The too cold day increases itching, dryness, and discomfort in the eyes. Keep the eyes moisturized and lubricated. In this case, one can consult a doctor and put lubricating drops regularly. Apart from this try to blink eyes as much as possible to have natural lubrication. Rubbing eyes very frequently may cause temporary irritation and inflammation.

Stay away from fog and smog pollution:

As compared to other seasons, during winter fog and smog formation increase. Because of this dust particulate in the air lead to redness and irritability. Best way to avoid this is blink eyes frequently and use eye drops if needed. Apart from all the above points most common issue is “Watery eye” during winter but it is a natural process and therefore there’s no need to worry about it. By creating tears, our eyes washes the dust from the eyes and gives soothing comfort.

These are some serious symptoms which needs to be addressed by an eye doctor and can be cured with accurate measures;

Blurred Vision
Sensitivity to light
Frequent headaches & pain in eyes

To avoid such symptoms, regular eye checkup at REH can help prevent them in future.