This monsoon, ‘shower’ some care for your eyes!

Monsoon is that time of the year, when the weather is cool and romantic at the same time sticky & unhygienic. It’s also the season of diseases, from malaria, dengue to water borne diseases. Taking care of not only your body but also your eyes is very important. Eye allergies, stye (an infection of the glands of eyelids caused by frequent rubbing with dirty hands) and irritation is quite common during this time.

Here are some tips that will let you enjoy your rains and at the same time allow you to keep your eyes healthy so you can enjoy the rains and keep your eyes protected and healthy!!

Remember to always wash your hands. The germs from your hands can cause eye irritation, redness in the eyes.

Do not rub your eyes. Use a fresh towel or cloth to clean and pat your eyes.

Eating healthy is essential throughout the year. But, during the monsoons the body is vulnerable as it’s exposed to bacteria and viruses in the environment. So eat a lot of leafy veggies, fruits, yogurt etc. Also, keep yourself hydrated by drinking good amount of water.

When using contact lenses, remember to clean the lens with the specialized contact lens cleaning solution. Whether putting them on or removing it, clean your hands properly. This will lead to less contact with germs. Always carry your own contact lens solution and don’t let anyone else touch it.

Don’t use anyone else’s make up or eye products. Maintaining personal hygiene regarding these things is superiorly important.

Protect your eye from wind and rain when you’re wearing contact lenses. The rainwater consists of pollutants from the atmosphere which could be dangerous for the eyes.

Wash the area around your eyes with water to clean away the dust.

Conjunctivitis, dry eyes are very common in this season. Get your eyes checked on-time.